1000+ Funny WiFi Names To Surprise Your Neighbors

Get Off my LAN! Not accusing just saying. You come here to know why should you steal my list of funny wifi names but never use them, why on earth did I say that? Not all names are worth christening your router with. You won't trust me but these names you know are people's sense of humor put together in my list. A HUGE list!
Do you agree when I say, WiFi Name is a new necessity?

funny wifi names for router

Do you really find a person these days going without the internet? It’s really scarce, really really scarce.

With the evolution of mankind and the accompanying evolution of technology came WIFI and its multitudinous use.

Who wants wires when wireless is in trend? Why should you settle for a boring Router name?

Let the hunt begin!

Let us find a name for your router!


Creative Wifi Names List For Your Router

All it takes is your sense of humor, your creative thinking to find the best router name. I am here just to suggest. I am a nice person and you seem like a nice person. I shall suggest you every possible way about finding a router name that’s copyrighted yours. This video not only lets you read but laugh the fun!

funny names for wifi
WiFi Names#if you know what I mean
Protected CexA Pun without a harm. No allegations against you even, it's protected, man!
Unprotected CexNow this is the major cause of the multiplying population! You dirty mind! I meant, the multiplying population of free wifi users.
To Conquer my Wi-Fi, first Disarm my PasswordWhy did Adolf Hitler not say this?
It hurts when IPYes! It hurts when someone steals the rights of your IP. Did you take it the other way round?
Password is PasswordOf course! your Password got a class, is not it?
Sea, Do not still my WiFe!Now 'she' too won't bother to 'still' your so-called 'WiFe'
(.)(.) Free Bobbies at $$$This is how other websites do. Declare free with a premium plan. huh!
Where are you hiding?Search for him, he is trying to access your network!
Oh, bro! GetOffMyLawnHe is standing right there, getting a better network of your free LAN, you duffer!
ApesEvolvedFromUThat can be comprehended as 'The Origin of Species-Reverse'
Jio Beta JioAfter Reliance Jio 4G services, What else can you say?

Those who wonder how to change the default WiFi name of your Router, worry not! we all wonder as well as wander. I personally had to struggle a lot to find the step by step procedure.

Check the latest procedure for changing the default name: Change your SSID network name in 4 easy steps

Clever Names For Router To Spice It Up A Bit

I Love Bananas,Without BoneA LANnister Always Surfs The Net (GOT fans)
You're TRUMPIFIEDOrangeIsTheNewBlack
I’m HILLARY-ousMeat&Democrats
LANdo CalrissianUgly Sweater Wireless Hater
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LANJuan by Juan
I am touching your DaughterHaters gonna Wait
Don't touch my Daughter!Beggars gonna beg
TooManyDicksHot Wi-fi on a hot Day
OnTheDanceFloorCheap Thrills to Steal
BecauseIGotHigh,So NoWifyVirus Infected Router
My Ass Is On FireHell Ya! My WiFe!
You’re The Reason Our Kids Are So UglyBang Bang!
I’m too sexyOpen Wireless Fly Network Unavailable
I am the Internet, AMAWi-Fi is in the air
I think, therefore I am!WI-FIght the inevitable?
I’m cheating on my WiFe#Free Tickets to Honeymoon
Click Here for VirusesFly High For Wyfy
Occam’s RouterFree Porn Castle
I fathered your childR.I.P your Wi-Fi
I Pronounce you Man and Wi-FiPoor Chap! Get out ya!
Error: Please Contact Your ISPJesus! Punish this GUY!
CIA Secret Station #243Access Denied!
I’m Under Your BedWTF! Welcome The Fraud
LAN this MAN!Netflix Streaming!
STFU!Your Session has Expired

Check this out:  How to hack WiFi Password?

Hilarious Wifi Puns List

wifi names pun

Puns are undoubtedly the ones that are brain teasers for beginners. If you crack this, you crack the real fun. Hog on the list!

I will tier you into pieces!Fork you!
WhaleyouMaryMe?I got an iFun7
F.R.I.E.N.D.SGood Nitrogen
TitanicIsSyncingYou’re whale-cum
It’s ill-EaglePunography is Lee-eagle
iGareebhow eyeronic!
Sleep TightrogenDurex is for cex
Sorry! I Ovary-Acted -_-Lettuce say Wifi!
Butter Back OffI donut understand you
How have you Bean?Shakespeare is in Stillspeare
I know that’s CheesyBut I feel GRATE
Irrelephant Use of Wi-Fiwanna have some Lemon-aid?
Need An Ark? I Noah Guy!Vegetarian-A big Missed-steak

Cool Wi-fi Network Names for the Geeky Souls

With “ever”, I mean to say, these SSID names are some of the cleverly twisted names ever. Once you read through the list, you will realize some names are so bonded together that you would be pitiful to separate them. Put those groups altogether for the number of routers you have or make your friends who live nearby to carry the legacy of forming a complete sentence by using the names on the list. You literally would LMAO,ROFL, LOL & HAHA at the same time.

Duracell Bunny ArrestedCharged With Battery
You Lost Your ConnectionYou Lost My Trust Too
Shut your Fucking Dog UpTouch-Me-Not
The Night I lost CTRLNoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking
My Neighbors SuckThis is My Number 0987654321
Once See Backwho's it?
Go Collect some Pokemonin my backyard first
Need Wy-Fy?Go Pokemon GO!
Bear Grylls Climbed Mount EverestTo collect a Pokemon
Pick-a-Pick-a!Tell her I love her
Hey Pikachu!C:Virus.exe
Pick-a-Pick-a!Free for 1 day
I Love you my WiFeWireless GangBang
ShutTheFuckUpDo not Disturb
Two Girls One RouterVIP Suite
Wi-fi is HifiYou have been blocked
You cannot reply to this conversationLoading…
Fast & Furious MoviesWeCanHearYouHavingSex!
Wanna have shakes?Wanna have shakes?
Prohibited AreaConnect and Die
Virus Detected!Bondage Club
Use at your own riskLet them use it
Crack my SSID password dude!Very Bad! You Stiller!
Pick up your dog shitYou are my crush
Area 51pennygetyourownwifi
Covet not thy neighbor’s LANSweet Adeline
Nitrogen @ NightDaytrogen @ Day
—->Click this<—-Dontlookatporn
Yell “Doggy” to know passwordJustin Bieber trivia questions
Insert 2 fingersDon’t Snoop!

Epic Wireless Network Names Of 2017

Which names can be categorized as ‘Epic’? I fought my mind and thought how can I be clever enough to trick the trespassers. We have four routers in our house and I have now so named the routers that it is fun to watch people walk down the street and scratching their head to comprehend the names they find on their phones! Then the fun begins!

Men At Work: Heavy Erection Ahead!Cum in!
You Pay NowBring Beer and Women to 501
How I met your mother?No Free WiFi Here
Threesome is AwesomeBuy me a Pizza!
Call me @ 9All YourBandwidthBelongsToUS
No Wires, Still alive and working-Sincerely, WirelessFiHack me, chop me!
404! Network errorBluetooth Names Restricted
Hi! I’m Chandler Bing!I’m no Janice -_-
Ye old InternetHogsmeade
Nacho Wai-Faiuse me, reuse me
look-mano-wiresUmbrella Corporation
Log in here!Backstreet LAN Boys
find nearest Wi-Fi storesiPhone, uTube
I got an ass so big like the sunErmahgerd Wi-Fi
An Eye for an IClick Here For Internet

Nerdy Wireless Network Names For Dealing With Nerds

Go Home TouristsBuyAnotherCupYouCheapSkate
Only For ZombiesDoes God Know u steal the internet?
i em fuckin ya Mumfuck off and die
Philandering ya GirlKiss your Ass
John Wilkes BluetoothI have a Weird WiFe Name Bro
Ouch…sat on my nutzPole Searching For a Hole
To Create a SoulYou’re AllNoobs
YerBabyIsReallyUglyPretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
InternetCosts$Quit Using My Wi-Fi
The Whore House is busy tonight“big jock knew” is a cunt
Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?Troy and Abed in the Modem
Blue M&MsCalifornication

Harry Potter SSID Names From Hogwarts

Alohomora Crack the PasswordAuguamenti Attack!
Hogwarts School of Free Wi-FiExpelliarmus Your Internet
Let The Wand Choose It's WizardWizard Always
Gryffindor Go Find HerHogwarts Express
I am a freak Wizard KidUnveil my Key
WiFidelity and Its Chamber of SecretsHermione Granger, trick my SSID
Ron With The Chestnut WandOrder of Phoenix
Neville Longbottom Still No WiFight?It's LeviOSA not LevioSAH
You Prisoner of Azkaban!Xenephilious Lovegood
Wandless MagicHufflepuff
The Mad Eye MoodyNever too Old to Read Harry Potter
The Mystery Of DarknessThe Patronus Charm
You Wormtail Animagus!The Ministry Of Magic
Transfigure your Phone!Imperius Curse!
Metamorphmagus- Check the Hogwarts LibraryThe Death Eater

Star Wars WiFi Names From The Galaxies

Zeta Class Imperial ShuttleX-Wing Wifi Fighter
Archeon Nebula Wi-fi GalaxyBahryn Meteorite
Killun Wi-Fi StationShoretrooper
Tantive IVClone Force 99
The Last JediAstromech Droid Router Repairers
Cave Of EvilConcordia
Death Star Wireless ZoneAayla Secura Here!
The Domino SquadThe Death Star Gunner
Controller LT-319IGV-55 surveillance vessel

Game Of Thrones Names For Your SSID Network

Lannister of Casterly RockStark of Winterfell
Arryn of the EyrieBaratheon of Storm's End
Tyrell of HighgardenMartell of Sunspear
Tully of RiverrunThe Master of Wifi
The Master of WhisperersThe Crownlands
Lord of The Iron IslandsLord Paramount of the North
The Vale of ArrynTyrion Lannister
Dothraki SeaBattle of the Bastards

Final Words ~

Let me know if you are more humorous than me. Is your hilarious router name awesome? How opposite of a truth-teller you are, duh! Your Network name should be funny enough to make us laugh.  So, these were the cleverest and funniest Wi-Fi network names.
Let me know via the comment section and dude, “Sharing is Caring!”