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How to extend Wi-Fi Range with another Router?

If you have upgraded to a new, faster and better router for good signal strength and still finding it difficult at those dark corners of your house don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Don’t throw away your old routers in the cupboards as they are cheaper options rather than buying the latest mesh network technology. Below are few life hacks which are going to help you out.

Your primary routers IP address

If you are using windows system then navigate to the wireless network connection status and then navigate into the support system. Note down the details mentioned as it will be useful in the further steps.

Connect to your primary router

Now that you have noted down your gateway ID, open up the web browser and type it in the address bar. After you have done typing, a dialogue box appears asking for the user name and password. If you don’t know the name and password try finding it online relating to your routers model or if you know the user name and password go ahead and enter the details. Then you may find a setup screen popped up regarding to your routers basic settings.

Check whether the settings are appropriate

There you can see many wireless settings but you need not to change them all as it may cause you in trouble. Under the wireless network you can see the name (SSID) which you see when you search for a network via your mobile, laptop, etc. you can also see the channel, mode and region settings under the same setting. Next you can see is the security option which should be ideally set to WPA or WPA2 if there or let it be on default. Make a note of these settings as you have to feed the same settings for the secondary router. While logging out, if you have made any kind of changes do save it otherwise just log out.

Resetting your old router

At the back of your old router you can see a button indicating the reset option. Now unearthing the router with the help of a paperclip or any pointed object press the button for around 10secs till the light go off and turn on.

Your secondary routers IP address

Now connect this router to your laptop or PC and repeat the step1 to note down the details including the IP address, default gateway, etc.

Duplicate your primary router

By repeating the step 2 for your secondary router, change the settings same as that of the primary router, choosing the channel away from the one in primary.  Make sure that all the settings including name, password, security codes, etc. matches.

Giving your secondary router an IP address

Now you finally need to provide your secondary router with which your primary router can work with. You can see that an IP address is already assigned by DHCP in the LAN setup page. So just by un-checking the DHCP you can give it your own IP address. If the primary routers’ address is and is setup to issue address from to (by DHCP), give your secondary router an IP address of Note down this IP address as it will be useful in future. Remember that after saving it you need to wait for the router the reboot. Now access the router by typing the new IP address in the browsers address bar. 

Connect both the routers

Now that you have done setting up both the routers it’s time to connect them together with the help of a power line networking adapter. After you have done connecting them, place your phone or tablet close to both the routers and you will find a significance increase in the Wi-Fi range.

Wrapping up:

Here you go, with a small tip you get through a poor Wi-Fi signal in those dark corners of the house and get a robust wifi speed extension.

How to use Router to Monitor Which Websites are Visited?

Although the internet activities can be monitored in multiple methods, they might not be accessible as and when you need them. One of the best ways to monitors your internet activities is with the help of your WiFi router device. You can easily get a detailed email containing the reports of all your internet activities from your router.

In order to keep track of the internet activities of people who are using your router, you need to do the following:

  1. Create an OpenDNS account by going to the page and creating an account as per the specifications that have been given there.
  2. Go to the settings of your routers and change the settings in such a manner that you can add the OpenDNS server and your account to your router settings. This can be done by looking at the router manual as different company routers have different kinds of specifications to get this process done.
  3. Once your OpenDNS account has been linked to your router settings you can now easily get a list of the websites that you have visited from your router settings itself. With the help of the Family Shield option you can also protect your internet services by blocking any identity thief from stealing your services under false pretense.

However, you can also keep a track of the history of your internet browsing by a manual process whereby you can visit the log of your router at the end of the day to check the list of sites visited from that router and also the log in and log out time of the router from the router history itself. But one of the main problem with this method is that you have to be physically present in the place where the router is to access it in a physical method. In case you are away from the router or you are not home, you can simply set up an email which will keep sending you reports and it will be done by your router itself.

Apart from setting up emails or physically checking your router for the information of the websites that you are visiting you can also take the help of multiple apps that are present on the net that are available for doing the job like Microsoft Network Monitor, Nagios, IP Scanner and the likes which also does the job on your behalf and will give you a detailed report of the same.

Final Words:
These are some of the most popular methods by which you can monitor the websites visited by you using the WiFi router that is present in your house. Apart from checking out the website history, you can also keep track of your internet traffic by the same methods. You will also be able to detect the various computers which are logged onto your router so that you can check any unauthorized usage of your router by this method.

How To Secure Your Wifi Network?

Wi-Fi basically meaning Wireless Networking has made the usage of internet connection so easier that now almost every house has a WiFi. If you have router in your house any smart device can easily have an access to internet and you can use net anytime & anywhere in your house without any clutter of cables. Follow the steps below to know how to secure your WiFi connection.

Simple Ways to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Settings Page of Your Router

First check your Router Company and then open its settings page from your PC by suing the IP address. Then enter the correct password and username that comes along with it. This varies from router to router and therefore check the router’s manual to find it. In case you’ve lost the printed manual you can find it on Google.

Changing Admin Username and Password

Once you access it with the default user name and password then change both the username and password of your choice. Make your unique password quite strong. Better to note this new password and username in some secured place if you anyhow forget in future.

Changing Your Network’s Name/SSID

 The wireless network name of your wireless router comes with a SSID or Service Set Identifier that is broadcast from your Wi-Fi router publicly that makes it easier for people to find your network.  Thus changing SSID is a good idea, which you will find on your router’s setting page. Once you change this name you can be sure that you are connected to the right wireless network every time even if there are multiple wireless networks.

Encryption Activation

To prevent other computers using your network in your area encryption of your wireless signal is mandatory. There are various encryption methods but WEP among them is the basic one and can be easily cracked. Thus, to encrypt it open the settings page on the configuration page of the router and choose your security method.

Double Up on Router Firewall

Activate your Router’s firewall to protect the internal network.

Turning Off Guests' Network

Secure your internet with the help of VPN and block any third party entrance between your router and your network.

Router Firmware Update

Occasionally check the router’s manufacturer’s site to know that you’re running the latest firmware.

MAC Address Filtering

This has nothing to do with MAC users or iOS. It is just an extra layer of protection. All wireless devices have their unique MAC address. You can add the MAC address so that only specified devices will be connected to your router’s network.

Turn off WPS and Reduce the Wireless Signal Range

Turn off the WPS to avoid other unknown devices from pairing.

Final Words:
Reduce the power of your signal if you have a great signal to avoid any outsiders from knowing or easily getting your network’s signal. Wi-Fi is surely a great thing to have but once one has it they totally forget the existence of it. Using your broadband one can easily have an access to your Internet and use it, be it any of your neighbor or any trespassers. Thus securing your router is necessary to avoid misuse.

How to Hack Wifi Password?

Hacking into a Wi-Fi network is not an easy task. It requires the hacker to have some familiarity with well-known hacking tools, such as the Kali Linux, Aircrack-ng etc. It’s a lengthy and tiresome process and isn’t worth getting into if you’re looking to break into your neighbors’ router networks. In this guide, however, we would mainly discuss the simple ways of hacking into a WiFi network while breezing through the more complicated ones.

hack the wifi password poster

NOTE: In order for the simple steps to work you need to have the access to the Wi-Fi network. You could just ask your neighbor for the password and then keep on resetting it periodically so that they don’t get a hint of your mischief.

Step 1: Open Windows Command Prompt

  • After connecting to the network open up the windows command prompt by right clicking on it and selecting Run as administrator. After the command prompt opens up type in the following command:

    netshwlan show profile

  • You will be presented with a list of all the Wi-Fi networks that were saved on your device. Select the one whose password you want to reset and type the following command:

    netshwlan show profile name=”XXXXXXXXXXX” key=clear (for Windows)

    security find-generic-password –wa XXXXXXXXX (for MAC)

    You would only need the quotes if the network name has spaces in between them. Otherwise, don’t use the quotes.

  • You will be presented with a new set of information and under the Security Settings, look for the line Key Content. The words or numbers displayed over there is the Wi-Fi key or password. You can use it to reset the router or change its settings however you like.

Find some hilarious names that your neighbors stole for their router. Click here

Step 2: Resetting The Router

This is the betting process to consider if the router belongs to you only. This isn’t a feat that can be pulled with the neighbor's router.

  • At the back of your router, you will find a small button the size of a little dot. Press and hold it for 4 to 5 seconds. Your router will be reset and the previous password will be deleted.
  • If you want to go into the router settings, visit the website and you will get the default login ID to your desired router.

Step 3: Hacking The Router Network

This is where things get a bit complicated and as a disclaimer let me tell you that there aren’t any simple ways to hack your way into someone else’s router. The basic steps involve getting some sort of information and getting access to their WiFi network and make changes once you’re into the system. Hacking means breaking into the system without the knowledge of the owner that you are prying.​​​​

There are two known ways of prying into one's network:​​​​

  • Creating an evil twin and tricking the user to input their passwords and login details into a proxy router rather than their own. They will think that they are inputting the passwords in their computer, but it is actually the evil twin in which the information is getting dumped.
  • Cracking the code with third party software, with the help of external Wi-Fi adapters and packet injections. This is complicated stuff and requires some insight before proceeding.

Please Note: We neither hack nor promote hacking. Any hacking tricks shared under our website name has nothing to do with us. The post is shared just for informational purpose.

Wrapping up: Hacking WiFi password with the prior knowledge of the owner of the router is a crime. Only hacking for serving a greater purpose is considered legal. Don't pry into other's network for anything other than fun. 

How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal?

You might be wondering that despite having a Wi-Fi connection why is it that many a times you seem to struggle with slow net speed? They are several factors that weaken the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. You just need to make a few changes in the Wi-Fi settings so as to boost the signal strength. If you don’t know the solution to your problem, read along.

8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Wifi Signal

These 8 easy steps would guide you to improve your router signal strength significantly. Just try along every step to get a whooping wifi speed.

Step 1: Collect Information about Your Wireless Network

If you want to improve the signal capacity, first you need to collect a little information about your router well that’s providing you the connection. Right from your PC type to the router’s manufacturer, you need to know every detail about your connected wireless network.

Step 2: Update The Firmware

It is necessary that you always keep your router’s firmware updated. Manufacturers keeps tweaking on the software to help improve the performance of the device. Know the model and manufacturer’s name of your router and then upgrade the firmware to the latest version. You can do it by going to the administrator’s interface and hitting the firmware update button there. This will help with security improvements along with improving the performance of the router.

Step 3: Placement of The Router

If you want to improve the signal capacity, first you need to collect a little information about your router well that’s providing you the connection. Right from your PC type to the router’s manufacturer, you need to know every detail about your connected wireless network.

Step 4: Check The Frequency and Switch to 5 GHz Band

If your device is not very old then have a look at the administrator’s interface of your router. If your router has a dual band then you are likely to get a higher speed by switching it to 5 GHz from 2 GHz. This way you will get less interference from other wireless networks as 5 GHz is not commonly used. This helps you increase the signal strength.

Step 5: Find Free Channels And Switch To It

All the latest routers have multi-channel and they can switch across various channels while communicating with the device. If anyone near your area seems to use the same channel as yours then you might encounter congestion in the signal. Thus, changing the channel of your router’s network would clear the signal jam and improve the strength. Enter the IP address that you’ll find at the back of the router to change the channel settings.

Step 6: Remove Extra Devices

Keeping a lot of unnecessary devices connected to your wireless network is a distraction. Disconnect some of the devices for better signal availability

Step 7: Get A Secured Connection

Make sure that your router is secured with a password and outsiders are not using it. A lot of usage also slows down the speed. Thus secure your wireless network.

Step 8: Use a Wi-Fi Signal Strength Booster

Apart from all of the above ways you can use a Wi-Fi booster to improve the range of the Wi-Fi signal.

Wrapping up: One of the best ways to improve the Wi-Fi signal is to use a latest device. If you don’t have any and planning to buy a new router then these several ways will help you to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

World’s Worst WiFi Passwords Ever

You won't believe when you see the naivety as well as insanity of people in today's world. The list that we have listed below lists the world's worst WiFi passwords ever. Yes! you heard me right! A sane password is okay but including your dreams, fantasies, sarcasm and a pinch of vulgarity is not okay but let us enjoy ourselves. 

The Long List Of Vulgar WiFi Passwords

Passwords hold privacy only for bank accounts or social media accounts. Wifi passwords are shared among friends, peers and work group. Well these passwords are not allowed with white space, yeah, none of the passwords take white space but this is hilarious. You put a vulgar password and who would type such password to access the wifi? Better not to!  Look at the vulgarity as well as the euphemism. Nevertheless, these are smart passwords for your router. A smart person can think of such passwords. 



















The Worst Router Passwords

Well, you have those boring password yet? People have treated passwords like wifi names for router. Except for the white space what else can you decipher from these passwords? It's more or less like, "Oh bro! who will type such looong password to access the wifi? Let's just not to!"            



















Worst Sarcastic Password Attempts









This video perhaps will let you know what a worst password is!

The worst wifi passwords have been listed above. Please share your experience with some of the weirdest wifi passwords if you have ever come across.You too set something different and weird as password to be unique. Let us know via the comment section.

Easy Steps to Set-Up Multiple Wireless Routers With Same SSID

When you have multiple wireless routers with the same SSID (Service Set Identifier) then setting them up with the same identifier would make you run into a trouble. Nevertheless, we shall supplement you with our easy tricks to set up multiple wireless router with same SSID but let us know what SSID is actually for your convenience in setting it up easily. If you know what SSID is, you can easily skip to the next steps.

What is SSID?

 SSID stands for Service Set Identifier or speaking out of the technical jargon it signifies a set of characters that uniquely identifies your WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) and this identifier helps you to connect to your individual network when there might be multiple networks in the same area. Now, let us move to the steps.

Step 1: Login to the Primary Router’s Administration Console

Type your IP address into the address bar of your Web Browser. If you have any doubt regarding the router's IP address,check the documentation that you had received when you had purchased your router and if you have lost it, you can contact the manufacturer's customer service for further assistance. The router's homepage would prompt you for a username and password, both of which are provided in the router's documentation. Enter it carefully.

Step 2: Find Your LAN Settings

Once you have spotted your LAN settings, modify the range of the present IP address to change the first one. Here's an example:  If the IP ranges from to then modify it to something like So the available IP address is now

Step 3: Save The Settings & Switch Off Your Primary Router

It is very important to save the settings and then switching off your primary router. It is essential as you have to move ahead to configure your secondary router now.

Step 4: Login to the Secondary Router’s Administration Console & Modify Its IP Address

Now, follow the same steps as that of your primary router and login to the secondary router's administration console. Once you have logged in, find the LAN Settings like you did previously and then replace the IP address of your secondary router with that of the primary router. In this case it would be, So the changed IP address is now,

Step 5: Turn Off The DHCP Server Of Your Secondary Router

Well, you need to turn off the DHCP server of your secondary router so as to prevent it from assigning any IP address on your network and if it assigns, it will cause certain issues.

Why Should Routers Have The Default SSID Name? Why Not Something Different? You too have a lovely name...

Find some hilarious WiFi Names for both your routers here (Read More)​

Step 6: Configure Your Secondary Router

Configure your secondary router's SSID and security settings to exactly match that of your primary router. Now choose two different channels for both the routers to prevent interference. There are 3 channels that don't interfere at all viz., 1,6 & 11. Make sure you assign two different channels to your routers.

Step 7: Interconnect Both Your Routers

Connect your secondary router to your primary router through their LAN ports by using an Ethernet cable. Then power your primary router on. Now, you are ready to go as both the routers broadcast the same SSID.


​We hope that you have successfully been able to set up multiple wireless routers with the same SSID. The steps were lucidly explained just to make it easy for you to set up without any hindrance yet if you encountered any problem, please let us know via the comment section. Thank you!

How to setup your WiFi Router?

Well, setting up your wifi router seems like an intimidating task but trust me it's way easier than you could have ever imagined it to be. We would guide you through a step-by-step process for easily setting up your router. Let's proceed.

Step 1: Find A Suitable Location

Choose an open space for placing your router. Maybe in the center of your house or an open area to get the most of the coverage.It's not always possible to place it in the middle of the house because you have to connect the router to your broadband gateway, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has provided you with. It should be placed in a convenient position for easy accessibility and then you can change the position later after setting it up.

Step 2: Turn On The Router & Connect Your Internet Modem To It (Optional)

Connect your router to the power source and switch on the router. Now follows the optional step for older router models. For older models, they have to be connected through an Ethernet cable (Where in today's models have USB connection for setup). Plugin the cable into the router's jack and ensure that there's no loose connection which might hamper the proper setting up of the router. Now, to check whether or not the router recognizes the modem, power it on then power it off and power it on again (called as a power cycle).

Step 3: Initially, Connect The Computer To The Router

Connect the computer to the wifi router. We recommend you not to use wifi connection for initial installation of your wifi router as the wifi settings have not been configured yet. For the time being, use a cable for installation that can be changed over a wireless connection once the router has been completely installed.

Step 4: Login to the Router’s Administration Console

After connecting to the computer, open the Web Browser and then enter the router's address for network administration and then return to the router's homepage. The exact address of your model can be reached through your router's documents and note that  this step requires a working internet connection. The router's homepage would prompt you for a username and password, both of which are provided in the router's documentation. Enter it carefully and after the complete installation of the router, it is highly recommended to change the username and password for security purposes.

Step 5: Validate The Information About Your Internet Connection

In the router's configuration, validate the information about your internet if you want your router to connect to the internet. If you have a DSL internet connection, it's often requires to enter the PPPoE username and password or if you have a static IP address then it requires the static IP settings as provided by the provider for setting up your router.

Step 6: Validate the MAC Address Of The Router

Some ISP's authenticate their customers through their MAC address and if you were using an older model of the router or other gateway device to connect to the internet before then the provider might be tracking your address and prevent you from setting up your new router. If such restriction arises, update the MAC address of the new router  with the previous one. Read more about how to change the MAC address here.

Step 7: Consider Changing Your Default SSID Name

Well, it's solely your discretion as to whether or not to change the default name of your router but doesn't that look ugly as well as hard for you to remember? We would highly recommend you to christen your router with names that are appealing to you as well as your neighbors. Well how? Then you must really read this article for a detailed step-by-step guide to change your default SSID name.

If The Default Router Name Sucks, Check Here : The Funniest Wifi Names Puns to Choose For Your Router

Step 8: Cross Check Your Local Network  Connection

Verify the whole setup by cross checking whether or not the local network connection between the router and the computer is working. The important step is to check whether or not the computer has received valid IP address information from the router. Then connect to a website via web browser to check  the proper functioning of the router. 

Wrapping Up-

Your WiFi router would be properly setup after following the above mentioned steps and we have presented a general step-by-step process without specifying a particular router. If you have any queries regarding setting up your router or any suggestions for us, we highly welcome you to let us know via the comment section. Thank you! 


Tumblr Username Generator That Aren’t Taken

Tumblr Usernames are what everyone’s searching for and you wonder how many of them are actually funny and have actually appealed you? Despite the very much used usernames, you want something that would carry a part of you. Generate a username that belongs to you solely. If the name generator’s username doesn’t appeal you, do not worry, we have collected some of the best names for your tumblr profile.

tumblr username generator

Tumblr allows you to find and follow things you love. A platform which makes you say:

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”

Is not life delicious? Then remember this too:

It takes courage to share your dreams to someone else.

Then what’s stopping you?

Tumblr is that platform that allows you create something extraordinary. And you really want to name it something new? Then why wait and stare, when you can learn and share?

Tumblr Username Generator:

All fields are required!

Hipster Tumblr Names Ideas:

Are you a Fashion Aficionado? Then find some of the cool Tumblr names that are exclusive, new and fresh. If the username did not appease you, this collection won’t disappoint you. We are sure you would find one that would take away your heart and keep your eyes glued to that same username until you pick it up and claim it as yours.

Britta nee janeHampster
Clear&KLEANVirginia's Virgin
Gandalf The GreWinnie The Pooh
New-YorkerParis TeAmo
CryTwice_laugh-Zillionsif-only-we knew
its joha Libroyoung-wild-free-29
t-toxic kisseszada2011
thegirl-with-stars for eyesbitter-sweet-thoughts-of insanity

Wait! How about a  little chit-a-chat? 

To spice it up- please bear with me:

I wrote a letter to my Mom, it went something like this:

Dear Mom,

Thanks for putting up with a spoiled ungrateful, messy and bratty child like my Sibling.


Yours Favorite Child

Yes! My Mom and I high-fived, she gave birth to a legend  after all.

Dog Teach us Loyalty but what we learn from them is POSITION!

And you want to laugh more?

Read this then: Laugh-till-you-gasp-for-breathe Names For Router

Proceed with caution! You may die while rolling on the floor with laughter.

And you know Ghosts kill you only because the want you as a pal, Do you ever think about that?

No! you only think about you and your Clever Tumblr Names!!

ideas for tumblr names

Tumblr URL Ideas:

  • Cleo de Nile
  • DarkEyedPeas
  • Wicked Artist
  • FreakishLover
  • Nail-it-Drummer
  • Draculaura
  • Night_Witch
  • Odd in fashion
  • Scream Aloud
  • Clawdeen Wolf
  • Lost in the woods
  • Alchemy
  • Weird Tangled
  • Scars I have Battled
  • Frankie Stein
  • Grim Faced
  • Cryptic Gentleman
  • Strangers Forever
  • Darts Flechette
  • Lagoona Blue
  • Gloomy Monsoon Diaries
  • Mysteriously Inexplicable
  • Uncommon Man
  • Arrows shot
  • Ghoulia Yelps
  • Shadow follower
  • Mystify Me
  • Mutant de ville
  • Dare to devils
  • Abbey Bominable
  • Darkened Skin
  • Enigmatic Being
  • Monster Howler
  • Growling Street Dancers
  • Operetta
  • Sinister Gauche
  • Eccentric lad
  • Assassin
  • Spell it bound
  • Howleen Wolf
  • Dreary Dreamer
  • Angel Clan
  • Fringe frank
  • Spike spoke
  • Scarah Screams
  • Bleak it out
  • Cherub check
  • Creepy Cann
  • neonmalu
  • monicaxgabrielle
  • livingfree8
  • crimson-pain
  • infinity-skylines
  • claudia-colombian
  • j3ss13
  • lets-run-away-to-yesterday
  • lue20012
  • wh0re-ifi3d
  • brionnanicole
  • inveterate_Learner
  • Obviating_People
  • Benign Soul
  • Soul-Fixer
  • Dilettante Author
  • In Good Faith
  • Bon Bon
  • The Technical Geek
  • Oversimplified-Garrulous
  • Fire in the Woods
  • Laconic-Woman
  • De-Maniacs
  • ManSlaughter-Blood seeker
  • Revenge-Bloodline
  • Atheistically Aesthetic
  • The Blue Panther
  • Bleed Black
  • Shaun the SHIP
  • Wanderlust
  • Traveler’s Untold Tales
  • Satyriasis-Embezzler
  • The Gluttonous Foodie
  • Faith-Incorrigible
  • Incredulous SuperWoman
  • Unanimous Tales
  • Hooked Replies
  • Sense of Sensor
  • Humor Ground
  • Stop showering
  • Molesting Music
  • It’s perfectly normal
  • Privacy Lol
  • Virtually impossible
  • Healthy perception
  • Discuss Weird Issues
  • Private Hour
  • Autumn Flavors
  • Compute in my brain
  • Mean Profiles
  • Dumb Costumes
  • Fake Faces
  • Beauty Password
  • Combinations of Souls
  • Bean burritos Blog
  • Gym gathering
  • Ashamed or embarrassed
  • This is insane
  • Experience way more
  • Promises and Memories
  • Don’t feel guilty
  • True believer hides
  • Awesome Saturday
  • I need Jinx
  • Barbie girl driving
  • Scroll down Fun
  • Sleeping late
  • Precious happy moments
  • Do they know?
  • Vampires himself
  • Name and shame
  • Hello Hi5

Watch this video for picking up some ideas about good tumblr usernames:

Amazing! is not it?

Why not give it a shot? I guarantee you would come up with a unique Tumblr username!

What? I cannot hear you! A little more chit-chat?


Okay.. Let me ask you for something:

You got to promise me a joke as I crack you up!



I went out to work and one of my colleagues had not come to work. She was the most punctual lady in  the office and to see her take a leave was a bit unusual. I went to our boss and got the documents approved and as I was about to leave, I saw a letter lying on his table. It was a leave application from her and it read something like this:

Dear Sir,

My Husband had a headache this morning and he accidentally took Viagra instead of Paracetamol.

Since our maid is home today, I could not leave for the Office.

Thank you!

You completely got me now!

So you laughed at the end and that made my day! Do not forget to share a light banter with me and comment on what are some of the cool usernames that have enticed you and also the Tumblr names that aren’t taken by anyone but you! Do Share! God Bless!

Change The Name of Your WiFi Network: 4 Easy Steps

Gone are the days when wires transferred internet from your Modem to your device. In this rapidly growing era,’Wireless’ is the new trendsetter. Service Set Identifier(SSID) aka Wireless Network Name happens to be the default name of your Router. A long boring alphanumeric combination that is hard to understand let alone memorizing it! You need to change it ASAP!

The Embarrassing Situation!
Let us assume,your friend comes over to your place. Whilst connecting to your network he asks, “Hey! this TP-LI… Wuteva! network is yours?” And then you try to comprehend whether this network belongs to you or not? But comprehending alone would not do the work, right? You go and search for your SSID in your device and after pairing the first few letters you get confirmed. Yeah! it is solely yours! How embarrassing and time consuming was it to identify your own network!

Well! It’s your call for a change! What change?

Changing the boring SSID to a name that would be easy to remember moreover choosing a funny network name that would make the ones trying to connect to your router to laugh a little, hop a little. Okay , just laugh a little!

These steps for changing your Router name would be easy and would take just few minutes off your busy schedule, so follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Connect to your Router
Make sure your Router is switched on and is connected to the internet. Choosing Ethernet port is recommended because wireless connection may get disconnected after changing the router name


STEP 2: Find your Router's IP Address
Knowing your computer’s IP address would allow you to connect to the Web Interface of your Router. For that, you need to know the IP address of your desktop. The easiest way to know your IP address is to go to the Command Prompt by following the steps portrayed in the screenshots below.

For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Older Versions:

  • Use Windows+R keys to open the ‘Run’ dialog box. In the Open tab enter, ‘cmd’ to open the Command Prompt.


  • After the Command Prompt opens, enter ‘ipconfig’ without the quotes and press Enter. From the given information, find the Default Gateway for your Ethernet or Internet connection and copy the IP address indicated there. The following information will be displayed.




For MAC Users:

  • Click on the Apple menu and select the “System Preferences”. Click on the “Network” icon, select your Wireless connection or Ethernet connection, and click “Advanced”


  • Click on the TCP/IP tab and Find your Router’s IP address to the right of “Router”


STEP 3: Access the Web Browser Interface
Take the IP address you had noted down and put it in the address bar of the web browser. Now search the web for your Router’s Model and the default IP address. You will be asked to enter the username and password. Enter the currently active username and password.

Hey! You are just a step away from changing your network name!

You are just a step away from changing your network name but wait!

Have you come up with a WiFi Name for your Router?

If not, Find some amazing Network names for your Router here: The Funny WiFi Names For Your Router(Read More)

If you have found one, then also browse the list of the pun-filled router network names for not missing the fun!


STEP 4: Navigate to the Wireless Settings Option
After entering the username and password, find the wireless settings tab. Under the Wireless Settings tab you can find the default SSID for your router. Here you can change the default router name to your desired network name. Save the settings before pressing the exit button



Now you have saved the settings as well as chosen a new name for your Router. See? Changing the router name is not so difficult after all. Just 4 easy steps and it’s done! Neither would you struggle identifying your Router nor would your friends struggle from today. Do share the names you have christened your router with, in the comment box below.