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How to extend Wi-Fi Range with another Router?

If you have upgraded to a new, faster and better router for good signal strength and still finding it difficult at those dark corners of your house don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Don’t throw away your old routers in the cupboards as they are cheaper options rather than buying the latest mesh network technology. Below are few life hacks which are going to help you out.

Your primary routers IP address

If you are using windows system then navigate to the wireless network connection status and then navigate into the support system. Note down the details mentioned as it will be useful in the further steps.

Connect to your primary router

Now that you have noted down your gateway ID, open up the web browser and type it in the address bar. After you have done typing, a dialogue box appears asking for the user name and password. If you don’t know the name and password try finding it online relating to your routers model or if you know the user name and password go ahead and enter the details. Then you may find a setup screen popped up regarding to your routers basic settings.

Check whether the settings are appropriate

There you can see many wireless settings but you need not to change them all as it may cause you in trouble. Under the wireless network you can see the name (SSID) which you see when you search for a network via your mobile, laptop, etc. you can also see the channel, mode and region settings under the same setting. Next you can see is the security option which should be ideally set to WPA or WPA2 if there or let it be on default. Make a note of these settings as you have to feed the same settings for the secondary router. While logging out, if you have made any kind of changes do save it otherwise just log out.

Resetting your old router

At the back of your old router you can see a button indicating the reset option. Now unearthing the router with the help of a paperclip or any pointed object press the button for around 10secs till the light go off and turn on.

Your secondary routers IP address

Now connect this router to your laptop or PC and repeat the step1 to note down the details including the IP address, default gateway, etc.

Duplicate your primary router

By repeating the step 2 for your secondary router, change the settings same as that of the primary router, choosing the channel away from the one in primary.  Make sure that all the settings including name, password, security codes, etc. matches.

Giving your secondary router an IP address

Now you finally need to provide your secondary router with which your primary router can work with. You can see that an IP address is already assigned by DHCP in the LAN setup page. So just by un-checking the DHCP you can give it your own IP address. If the primary routers’ address is and is setup to issue address from to (by DHCP), give your secondary router an IP address of Note down this IP address as it will be useful in future. Remember that after saving it you need to wait for the router the reboot. Now access the router by typing the new IP address in the browsers address bar. 

Connect both the routers

Now that you have done setting up both the routers it’s time to connect them together with the help of a power line networking adapter. After you have done connecting them, place your phone or tablet close to both the routers and you will find a significance increase in the Wi-Fi range.

Wrapping up:

Here you go, with a small tip you get through a poor Wi-Fi signal in those dark corners of the house and get a robust wifi speed extension.

How to use Router to Monitor Which Websites are Visited?

Although the internet activities can be monitored in multiple methods, they might not be accessible as and when you need them. One of the best ways to monitors your internet activities is with the help of your WiFi router device. You can easily get a detailed email containing the reports of all your internet activities from your router.

In order to keep track of the internet activities of people who are using your router, you need to do the following:

  1. Create an OpenDNS account by going to the page and creating an account as per the specifications that have been given there.
  2. Go to the settings of your routers and change the settings in such a manner that you can add the OpenDNS server and your account to your router settings. This can be done by looking at the router manual as different company routers have different kinds of specifications to get this process done.
  3. Once your OpenDNS account has been linked to your router settings you can now easily get a list of the websites that you have visited from your router settings itself. With the help of the Family Shield option you can also protect your internet services by blocking any identity thief from stealing your services under false pretense.

However, you can also keep a track of the history of your internet browsing by a manual process whereby you can visit the log of your router at the end of the day to check the list of sites visited from that router and also the log in and log out time of the router from the router history itself. But one of the main problem with this method is that you have to be physically present in the place where the router is to access it in a physical method. In case you are away from the router or you are not home, you can simply set up an email which will keep sending you reports and it will be done by your router itself.

Apart from setting up emails or physically checking your router for the information of the websites that you are visiting you can also take the help of multiple apps that are present on the net that are available for doing the job like Microsoft Network Monitor, Nagios, IP Scanner and the likes which also does the job on your behalf and will give you a detailed report of the same.

Final Words:
These are some of the most popular methods by which you can monitor the websites visited by you using the WiFi router that is present in your house. Apart from checking out the website history, you can also keep track of your internet traffic by the same methods. You will also be able to detect the various computers which are logged onto your router so that you can check any unauthorized usage of your router by this method.

How To Secure Your Wifi Network?

Wi-Fi basically meaning Wireless Networking has made the usage of internet connection so easier that now almost every house has a WiFi. If you have router in your house any smart device can easily have an access to internet and you can use net anytime & anywhere in your house without any clutter of cables. Follow the steps below to know how to secure your WiFi connection.

Simple Ways to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Settings Page of Your Router

First check your Router Company and then open its settings page from your PC by suing the IP address. Then enter the correct password and username that comes along with it. This varies from router to router and therefore check the router’s manual to find it. In case you’ve lost the printed manual you can find it on Google.

Changing Admin Username and Password

Once you access it with the default user name and password then change both the username and password of your choice. Make your unique password quite strong. Better to note this new password and username in some secured place if you anyhow forget in future.

Changing Your Network’s Name/SSID

 The wireless network name of your wireless router comes with a SSID or Service Set Identifier that is broadcast from your Wi-Fi router publicly that makes it easier for people to find your network.  Thus changing SSID is a good idea, which you will find on your router’s setting page. Once you change this name you can be sure that you are connected to the right wireless network every time even if there are multiple wireless networks.

Encryption Activation

To prevent other computers using your network in your area encryption of your wireless signal is mandatory. There are various encryption methods but WEP among them is the basic one and can be easily cracked. Thus, to encrypt it open the settings page on the configuration page of the router and choose your security method.

Double Up on Router Firewall

Activate your Router’s firewall to protect the internal network.

Turning Off Guests' Network

Secure your internet with the help of VPN and block any third party entrance between your router and your network.

Router Firmware Update

Occasionally check the router’s manufacturer’s site to know that you’re running the latest firmware.

MAC Address Filtering

This has nothing to do with MAC users or iOS. It is just an extra layer of protection. All wireless devices have their unique MAC address. You can add the MAC address so that only specified devices will be connected to your router’s network.

Turn off WPS and Reduce the Wireless Signal Range

Turn off the WPS to avoid other unknown devices from pairing.

Final Words:
Reduce the power of your signal if you have a great signal to avoid any outsiders from knowing or easily getting your network’s signal. Wi-Fi is surely a great thing to have but once one has it they totally forget the existence of it. Using your broadband one can easily have an access to your Internet and use it, be it any of your neighbor or any trespassers. Thus securing your router is necessary to avoid misuse.

How to Hack Wifi Password?

Hacking into a Wi-Fi network is not an easy task. It requires the hacker to have some familiarity with well-known hacking tools, such as the Kali Linux, Aircrack-ng etc. It’s a lengthy and tiresome process and isn’t worth getting into if you’re looking to break into your neighbors’ router networks. In this guide, however, we would mainly discuss the simple ways of hacking into a WiFi network while breezing through the more complicated ones.

hack the wifi password poster

NOTE: In order for the simple steps to work you need to have the access to the Wi-Fi network. You could just ask your neighbor for the password and then keep on resetting it periodically so that they don’t get a hint of your mischief.

Step 1: Open Windows Command Prompt

  • After connecting to the network open up the windows command prompt by right clicking on it and selecting Run as administrator. After the command prompt opens up type in the following command:

    netshwlan show profile

  • You will be presented with a list of all the Wi-Fi networks that were saved on your device. Select the one whose password you want to reset and type the following command:

    netshwlan show profile name=”XXXXXXXXXXX” key=clear (for Windows)

    security find-generic-password –wa XXXXXXXXX (for MAC)

    You would only need the quotes if the network name has spaces in between them. Otherwise, don’t use the quotes.

  • You will be presented with a new set of information and under the Security Settings, look for the line Key Content. The words or numbers displayed over there is the Wi-Fi key or password. You can use it to reset the router or change its settings however you like.

Find some hilarious names that your neighbors stole for their router. Click here

Step 2: Resetting The Router

This is the betting process to consider if the router belongs to you only. This isn’t a feat that can be pulled with the neighbor's router.

  • At the back of your router, you will find a small button the size of a little dot. Press and hold it for 4 to 5 seconds. Your router will be reset and the previous password will be deleted.
  • If you want to go into the router settings, visit the website and you will get the default login ID to your desired router.

Step 3: Hacking The Router Network

This is where things get a bit complicated and as a disclaimer let me tell you that there aren’t any simple ways to hack your way into someone else’s router. The basic steps involve getting some sort of information and getting access to their WiFi network and make changes once you’re into the system. Hacking means breaking into the system without the knowledge of the owner that you are prying.​​​​

There are two known ways of prying into one's network:​​​​

  • Creating an evil twin and tricking the user to input their passwords and login details into a proxy router rather than their own. They will think that they are inputting the passwords in their computer, but it is actually the evil twin in which the information is getting dumped.
  • Cracking the code with third party software, with the help of external Wi-Fi adapters and packet injections. This is complicated stuff and requires some insight before proceeding.

Please Note: We neither hack nor promote hacking. Any hacking tricks shared under our website name has nothing to do with us. The post is shared just for informational purpose.

Wrapping up: Hacking WiFi password with the prior knowledge of the owner of the router is a crime. Only hacking for serving a greater purpose is considered legal. Don't pry into other's network for anything other than fun. 

How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal?

You might be wondering that despite having a Wi-Fi connection why is it that many a times you seem to struggle with slow net speed? They are several factors that weaken the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. You just need to make a few changes in the Wi-Fi settings so as to boost the signal strength. If you don’t know the solution to your problem, read along.

8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Wifi Signal

These 8 easy steps would guide you to improve your router signal strength significantly. Just try along every step to get a whooping wifi speed.

Step 1: Collect Information about Your Wireless Network

If you want to improve the signal capacity, first you need to collect a little information about your router well that’s providing you the connection. Right from your PC type to the router’s manufacturer, you need to know every detail about your connected wireless network.

Step 2: Update The Firmware

It is necessary that you always keep your router’s firmware updated. Manufacturers keeps tweaking on the software to help improve the performance of the device. Know the model and manufacturer’s name of your router and then upgrade the firmware to the latest version. You can do it by going to the administrator’s interface and hitting the firmware update button there. This will help with security improvements along with improving the performance of the router.

Step 3: Placement of The Router

If you want to improve the signal capacity, first you need to collect a little information about your router well that’s providing you the connection. Right from your PC type to the router’s manufacturer, you need to know every detail about your connected wireless network.

Step 4: Check The Frequency and Switch to 5 GHz Band

If your device is not very old then have a look at the administrator’s interface of your router. If your router has a dual band then you are likely to get a higher speed by switching it to 5 GHz from 2 GHz. This way you will get less interference from other wireless networks as 5 GHz is not commonly used. This helps you increase the signal strength.

Step 5: Find Free Channels And Switch To It

All the latest routers have multi-channel and they can switch across various channels while communicating with the device. If anyone near your area seems to use the same channel as yours then you might encounter congestion in the signal. Thus, changing the channel of your router’s network would clear the signal jam and improve the strength. Enter the IP address that you’ll find at the back of the router to change the channel settings.

Step 6: Remove Extra Devices

Keeping a lot of unnecessary devices connected to your wireless network is a distraction. Disconnect some of the devices for better signal availability

Step 7: Get A Secured Connection

Make sure that your router is secured with a password and outsiders are not using it. A lot of usage also slows down the speed. Thus secure your wireless network.

Step 8: Use a Wi-Fi Signal Strength Booster

Apart from all of the above ways you can use a Wi-Fi booster to improve the range of the Wi-Fi signal.

Wrapping up: One of the best ways to improve the Wi-Fi signal is to use a latest device. If you don’t have any and planning to buy a new router then these several ways will help you to improve the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Cool WhatsApp Group Names For Friends

WhatsApp Group names 2017

A wise man once said Love is only Chatter, Friendship is all that matters.

What percent of it is true? Well, it seems highly appropriate for you right now or else you would not have landed here looking for WhatsApp Group Names, would you?

You are lost in a group of faceless names, how do you expect to be the stealer of the show?

Yes! Group names for WhatsApp in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and of course English!

Is not WhatsApp a trending mode of communication? Where your texts reach with your emotions on emoticons. Where when you share pictures, they speak louder than words. Where a soothing song melts hearts and a video depicts your vivacity.

WhatsApp Group Names For Your Friends:

group names for whatsapp

Friends! Ah! Real friends don’t get offended when you insult them, they turn and call you something even more offensive. Such are friends. Now I’m nostalgic missing Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel. They were the best group ever, is not it? Let’s find out the group names as funny as F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ group:

Mujhse Dosti Karoge?Keep Calm and TextAb DANGAL HOGA!
Welcome to The Real World!I'll be there for youCursing Cousins
Hello, Everyone! Join us!Stop Stalking, Reply!Kin of Good Times
Bring It On!Bend it like BeckhamAcross Borders
You're are OnlineThe Engineer's HubThe Grub Club
We are a United by BloodBat, Super,Spider--->menWeekend kings
DareDevils Vs AngelsCounterstrike Champs 1.0Weekend Boostes
Let's Fuck LuckChaddi Buddy FriendsJust chat
Doctors with neat writingThe Public CircleBest Among The Best
Lovers AsideSmoking Free ZoneTop Dawgs
Swachh WhatsApp GroupWe are Congress _/\_Professional Pirates
I love New York, you?Dance to the beatsWhite Collar Crew
The GeeksFree WhatsApp Loan Here!Tycoons
Big Million DayThe Gossip QueensExpress Advertisers
The Bold Men Men with BeardTo-Be Entrepreneurs
Do not Spam404! Group not foundA Pitcher On My Mind
Friendzoned PeopleCasanovas of the EraWandering Travelers
Prince and PrincessSilence is our enemyProtectors of Superman
Bachelors ForeverChor BazaarThe Adventures Of Textin
BrahmachariAids for A.I.D.SGET LOST ho jaa
You are preciousThe Lords of GamingMaut se Dying Group
Game of PhonesThe Footballers KickOnly singles
Romeos and JulietsEnter at your own riskGame Changers
KickAss ClassWe're chit-chattersFriends Forever
Buddies Reuniting We're Lazy LadsThe Crew
Girls Vs BoysAlcoholics BreedMast Sab log?
Cricket is our religionQueen BeesBhai Bhai Group
Use Hands onlyBrains-Free ModePrem Ratan Kuch Na Payo
Chill, we pay the bill!Liar, pants on fire!Bhai I'm High
We swear to talkMy name is....Swag Da Group
The Knights in Shining ArmorPlease Introduce yourselfMountain Movers
Eat till you dieThe Dexter's LaboratoryTuskers Whiskers
Powerpuff GirlsWe love weekendsWe are Beer
Let's Party, Common everybody!The ChipmunksCarry Minati Group
The FactionlessUnlimited Talks at zero dollarsKhel Gaye Bencho
'Education ruined me' kiddosEntrepreneurs by birthBanchodd Das Chanchall Group
The Dauntless ClubThe DivergentKarza Wapas Kar Bhai!
All the Single LadiesWhen We Met, Others LeftMitron! Beer 31 Rupay me!
The Unisex GroupMr. & Mrs. not allowedBlessed Sacrament High School
Music LoversHip-hop ManiacsFeeling Happy with 32 others
Talk until you diePing Ping PingThe Convent Adda
The BunkersThe Non-BunkersCBSE Rocks
We're silent, not blindKnock and TalkDPS K Chora Chori
Pizza Lovers onlyUnder 18 not allowedPAYTM Karo
Walky TalkyAlpa, Beta, GammaSilent Killers
We are weak MathematiciansDon't spoil our habitThe Aliens Authority
Our Childhood was AwesomeWe are the PandavasChup Ho ja Bhai, aur kitna bolega?
This Society is fictionWanderlust PeopleWhatsApp is Sexy
Minions- BaasssOn Noah's ArkThug Life Before Hug Life
Guardians of The GalaxyWe're Aliens on EarthFifty Shades Of People
You read our textsThe Selfie QueensIITians Hub
The Athletes Network sleeping 24x7 PandasCreative Works United
The InsomniacsThe Fault in Our StarsWhatsApp Video Calling
we can't hear youRaise the volume and danceTyping.....
Hostel- our new homeFriends across bordersHappy Ankita Day!

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WhatsApp Group Names For Family and Cousins:


When it comes to family you know it well that:

It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is…

Happiness is a treasure at home. Sitting together with family is always a reunion. Home is where we argue, fight, gossip, chase each other, tease each other but that very thing that never ends is LOVE.

We are a FamilyThe Family Gossips
Ghar ki baat ghar pe raheMom is here
Run! Dad is homeFamily-Where life begins
Home Sweet HomeThe Politicians Here
Atithi tum kab jaoge?Mad house
Peanut FamilyKahani Ghar Ghar Ki
ABC FamilyThe Simpsons
Hitler's HouseThe Corporate Family
Don't check status until I ask.Family Ties
BondingHome- Wifi Connected
Searching for group nameDad, Mom, Bro, Doggy and I
Pretty FamilyCrazy Family Next Door
Papa is watching usLook! who's here today!
Family Advices ZoneRishtedaar aye Khoon chusne
ENTRY & No EXITEuropean Family
Mom is yelling hereHalf Temper, Half Mental
Family has got no 'END'The Psychiatric ward Patients
Family is the best medicineGood Times
We're SpecialNice and Normal Family
The Crazy BunchIgnore Phone Calls
Family TimeFamily Branch with Nuts
Family FudgeFun begins at home
The Spy KidsThe strong Lunatics
Rock & Roll FamilySharing is Caring
Laugh until you dieWelcome home!
Fantastic familyThe Adams Family
Daddy's CoolFamily Chats
Mums the WorldKith and KinLa
The Public SquareGrumpy Grannies
Family TiesFamily Ho Toh Aisi
Happy FamilyYes, We are family
FamiliaFamily Fan Club
People worldBonding
Devil’s HomeHappy House
Cool ClusterRocking Family

WhatsApp Group Names for Book lovers:

Now book lovers wonder what’s in their reserve. Have a look, this is short of amazing!


LibrocubicularistWe love books
The Movie HatersReading is my escapade
We breathe booksRead and bookmark
Books and MeWe love big books
A booklover's diaryKeep Calm and Read a book
We are the book nerdsBook, Coffee and Soul
The Devil Wears PradaGo away, I'm Reading
The Book ThiefThe Name of The Wind
All the light we cannot seeEverything leads to you
All our YesterdaysA Thousand Splendid Suns
Faction before bloodThe Sea is my Brother
All memory is fictionWords means Things
The EndOnly Connect
We love PaperbacksSay No To Kindle
Every Soul a StarThe Sidewalk Artist
Love can drive hate outCancer of my dreams
I am a bibliophileThe Reader's Digest
The Reading TherapyTattooed my favorite Quote
Good Books, Good FriendsTell me the story
The Omnivorous ReadersLost Between the Pages
Suggest me a bookLibraries- our future here.
Book lover's DayBooks Can Be Dangerous
The Venomed MelodyThe Sequel
When we metThe true seeing is within

These are some of the Whatsapp group names for your college friends that would leave them amazed. These are the unique group name list that you can use as many as you want for the number of groups you have. When your group ranges from friends to old school friends to family and of course when you have a bunch of bibliophiles in your WhatsApp contacts then why not form a group and name them something unique from the list above? Have fun! Do not forget to do what others forget to do, guess what? Comment and share below. All new group names are welcomed!


Such Cool Instagram Names too Exist- Surprise Reloaded!

The 111+ Trending Cool Instagram Names You Need to Know:

Do you want a cool Instagram Name? Then read along:


“Photographs are the stories you fail to put in words”

When you snap a photograph, you freeze the moment to realize how beautiful reality is. There you are with the most beautiful snaps, you froze the moment into it.

What next?

Post it to Instagram. Instagram, one of the largest photo-sharing platform has your thoughts captured in a photograph. And you want to christen your Instagram profile with a name. There are thousands of Instagram Names you won’t believe are actually chosen by people. Some are funny Instagram names , some are serious but the most part, these are the coolest Instagram names that are trending now.

Do you love sarcasm? Then how about reading this:

The funniest WiFi names ever-Fun Guaranteed!

WARNING:Read only if you want to hold your Router as an object of ridicule. 

The Amazing 111+ Cool Instagram Names Used by Boys:

Men have really used these Instagram names some relating to movies, some to songs, some to books and others with their names beautifully put.

Cool Instagram names for boys

  • BigBen
  • Noah
  • Sinister
  • Gray Mare
  • Vegetarian Alien Brain
  • Mr. Mister
  • CoolDude
  • HunkyMan
  • Beard4U
  • Mike Adamle
  • Cyber Warrior
  • iOS User
  • MKB Fan
  • Bin Basket
  • Hip Hop
  • Oodles
  • MenFashion
  • Nike
  • ADIDASex
  • GodFather
  • Dixie
  • ScoobyDoo
  • SinChan Nohara
  • Oblivion
  • Candy Crushed
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Onion Cry
  • Common Man
  • Cyberton
  • Smart Geek
  • 6 pack
  • Hypnosis
  • Gaming Freak
  • Camrettic
  • DSLRified
  • FoodZoned
  • Social Gypsy
  • Philanderer
  • Technocult
  • Santiago
  • Raymond Man
  • James Bond
  • Pill Head
  • Alex Pictures
  • Bohofashion
  • Barca4ever
  • Incorrigibly_human
  • PhilAndris
  • Devil’s Paradise
  • Let’s Have Fun
  • The Alcoholic
  • Biceps & Triceps
  • Trekker
  • Cyclo-maniac
  • Dancing Dude
  • Muffin Head
  • Tech bro
  • Piscine
  • Aries
  • Virgo
  • Hipster
  • The Alchemist
  • Dr. Ramoray
  • Chandler Bing2
  • iShot
  • PAC Man
  • iPee
  • Dave Devil
  • Super guy
  • Wild Born
  • Metal Brains
  • Soul-Stealer
  • Mr. Citrus
  • TheOnlyBachelor
  • Insta_Maniac
  • Jungle King
  • Judas101
  • Swag Dude
  • Gun Hawk
  • MyProfile
  • Edmund Baltimore
  • Cobra Diabolic
  •  Harry Puttar
  • Chilli_Coated
  • NewMan
  • Eve’s Adam
  • The Dauntless
  • Byron
  • Lancaster
  • Netflix_Rooster
  • Macho_Man
  • Man-Tastic
  • Midnight Voyager
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Dragon-Tattooed
  • Commando-In-Charge
  • TheSpinster
  • Edith Pascal
  • iApple-o-Phobia
  • The 7th Husband
  • Tom Dick
  • Harry Esperanza
  • Masked
  • Micro-Soft Chef
  • Macky Techie
  • Hackers-GenX
  • Punch-your-face
  • Pixel Dust
  • Acid Acer
  • Gobbledegook
  • PrinceOfPersia
  • Gargantua’s Slave
  • Hercules On a Ride

The Amazing 111+ Cool Instagram Names Used by Girls:

There’s a myth that girls always choose cute Instagram names. Find some of the raunchy yet good Instagram names for girls.

cool instagram names for girls

  • FieryWoman
  • PikachuWent
  • EyeVirtuoso
  • Connexu
  • Bunny2Feed
  • Baeporeon
  • ExcessFoodie
  • DramaQueen
  • Lost Orion
  • Black_Roses
  • TimeOut
  • SuperWoman
  • Crunchalti
  • Archaist
  • BikeRiderLass
  • Artemis
  • JaneLane
  • CoralineJones
  • Rapunzel
  • MiraNova
  • MarieDixy
  • ShayaraHoll
  • JessicaBen10
  • ShoutOutLoud
  • Flynn Gongola
  • Prior2Beatrice
  • Foodie_Star
  • Cut_It_Short
  • iSexy
  • AngelSarah
  • Cupid’s Lass
  • All About Eve
  • SilenceOfTheLambs
  • Annie Hall
  • Breakfast@Tiffany’s
  • A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Fargo
  • The Graduate
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • Nancy Drew
  • Pie Sweetness
  • Angle Chumpkin
  • Dolly Devil
  • Romeo’s Julio
  • Techie Lass
  • Powerpuff Girl
  • FatBarbieGirl
  • It Wasn’t ME
  • I love NY
  • HoneyBear
  • Angel Snowflakes
  • Angel Twins
  • Little Miss Piggy
  • Ms. Worldly Peace
  • RIP-Rap
  • Simple Dimple
  • Being Sarcastic@21
  • HoneyPie Reloaded
  • Born2Pizza
  • Diva Hot
  • Bubbles
  • Buttercup
  • Brownie Love
  • Baby Kins
  • Squirrel Nuts
  • Oblivion
  • Bubbly
  • CandyCane
  • Beautiful doll
  • Fairy Fresh
  • Teen Touch
  • VenuSHine
  • Beast Peace
  • Lasmo
  • Rainbow Doll
  • ChilliPepperSalt
  • Hit-U-Hut
  • Esmeralda
  • SkinnySofie
  • ChocolateOxygen
  • SlowTrot
  • ShyDoll
  • SpaceWalker
  • ThreeBetterThan4
  • I needa HUGe car
  • FamilyFriendsBeer
  • CreamiePie
  • SaviourOfSoul
  • CurlyGirlieBee
  • GodsOwnGirl
  • OperaOfDreams
  • Diva in Devil
  • TheLadyLuck
  • Rose@Titanic
  • YellowMenace
  • AwesomeME
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Matilda
  • Melba Beals
  • GreenGabbles
  • LittleWoman
  • Elphaba@Wicked
  • KristyThomas
  • Madeline
  • Narnia
  • LustIsJust
  • RamonaQuimby
  • HemoineGranger
  • Charlotte@Wink
  • TheChemist
  • SunAlsoAStar
  • V4Victory
  • FinestFemale
  • RoxxaneRichieRich
  • unlucky_Potato

You know for a reason I love pictures a lot because people will come and go but these pictures capture the soul. Everything would change but the pictures would only carry the freshness. And you name these pictures. The good Instagram names list is what you came across. And to your amazement, these are some of the cool Instagram names that are used by users. Now you think half of these are bizarre but have a look, they hold a deeper meaning within. Yes, you find it somewhat like the Instagram name generator and are not these partly same? Have fun. Do not forget to comment and share!