Change The Name of Your WiFi Network: 4 Easy Steps

Gone are the days when wires transferred internet from your Modem to your device. In this rapidly growing era,’Wireless’ is the new trendsetter. Service Set Identifier(SSID) aka Wireless Network Name happens to be the default name of your Router. A long boring alphanumeric combination that is hard to understand let alone memorizing it! You need to change it ASAP!

The Embarrassing Situation!
Let us assume,your friend comes over to your place. Whilst connecting to your network he asks, “Hey! this TP-LI… Wuteva! network is yours?” And then you try to comprehend whether this network belongs to you or not? But comprehending alone would not do the work, right? You go and search for your SSID in your device and after pairing the first few letters you get confirmed. Yeah! it is solely yours! How embarrassing and time consuming was it to identify your own network!

Well! It’s your call for a change! What change?

Changing the boring SSID to a name that would be easy to remember moreover choosing a funny network name that would make the ones trying to connect to your router to laugh a little, hop a little. Okay , just laugh a little!

These steps for changing your Router name would be easy and would take just few minutes off your busy schedule, so follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Connect to your Router
Make sure your Router is switched on and is connected to the internet. Choosing Ethernet port is recommended because wireless connection may get disconnected after changing the router name


STEP 2: Find your Router's IP Address
Knowing your computer’s IP address would allow you to connect to the Web Interface of your Router. For that, you need to know the IP address of your desktop. The easiest way to know your IP address is to go to the Command Prompt by following the steps portrayed in the screenshots below.

For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Older Versions:

  • Use Windows+R keys to open the ‘Run’ dialog box. In the Open tab enter, ‘cmd’ to open the Command Prompt.


  • After the Command Prompt opens, enter ‘ipconfig’ without the quotes and press Enter. From the given information, find the Default Gateway for your Ethernet or Internet connection and copy the IP address indicated there. The following information will be displayed.




For MAC Users:

  • Click on the Apple menu and select the “System Preferences”. Click on the “Network” icon, select your Wireless connection or Ethernet connection, and click “Advanced”


  • Click on the TCP/IP tab and Find your Router’s IP address to the right of “Router”


STEP 3: Access the Web Browser Interface
Take the IP address you had noted down and put it in the address bar of the web browser. Now search the web for your Router’s Model and the default IP address. You will be asked to enter the username and password. Enter the currently active username and password.

Hey! You are just a step away from changing your network name!

You are just a step away from changing your network name but wait!

Have you come up with a WiFi Name for your Router?

If not, Find some amazing Network names for your Router here: The Funny WiFi Names For Your Router(Read More)

If you have found one, then also browse the list of the pun-filled router network names for not missing the fun!


STEP 4: Navigate to the Wireless Settings Option
After entering the username and password, find the wireless settings tab. Under the Wireless Settings tab you can find the default SSID for your router. Here you can change the default router name to your desired network name. Save the settings before pressing the exit button



Now you have saved the settings as well as chosen a new name for your Router. See? Changing the router name is not so difficult after all. Just 4 easy steps and it’s done! Neither would you struggle identifying your Router nor would your friends struggle from today. Do share the names you have christened your router with, in the comment box below.

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