How To Secure Your Wifi Network?

Wi-Fi basically meaning Wireless Networking has made the usage of internet connection so easier that now almost every house has a WiFi. If you have router in your house any smart device can easily have an access to internet and you can use net anytime & anywhere in your house without any clutter of cables. Follow the steps below to know how to secure your WiFi connection.

Settings Page of Your Router

First check your Router Company and then open its settings page from your PC by suing the IP address. Then enter the correct password and username that comes along with it. This varies from router to router and therefore check the router’s manual to find it. In case you’ve lost the printed manual you can find it on Google.

Changing Admin Username and Password

Once you access it with the default user name and password then change both the username and password of your choice. Make your unique password quite strong. Better to note this new password and username in some secured place if you anyhow forget in future.

Changing Your Network’s Name/SSID

 The wireless network name of your wireless router comes with a SSID or Service Set Identifier that is broadcast from your Wi-Fi router publicly that makes it easier for people to find your network.  Thus changing SSID is a good idea, which you will find on your router’s setting page. Once you change this name you can be sure that you are connected to the right wireless network every time even if there are multiple wireless networks.

Encryption Activation

To prevent other computers using your network in your area encryption of your wireless signal is mandatory. There are various encryption methods but WEP among them is the basic one and can be easily cracked. Thus, to encrypt it open the settings page on the configuration page of the router and choose your security method.

Double Up on Router Firewall

Activate your Router’s firewall to protect the internal network.

Turning Off Guests' Network

Secure your internet with the help of VPN and block any third party entrance between your router and your network.

Router Firmware Update

Occasionally check the router’s manufacturer’s site to know that you’re running the latest firmware.

MAC Address Filtering

This has nothing to do with MAC users or iOS. It is just an extra layer of protection. All wireless devices have their unique MAC address. You can add the MAC address so that only specified devices will be connected to your router’s network.

Turn off WPS and Reduce the Wireless Signal Range

Turn off the WPS to avoid other unknown devices from pairing.

Final Words:
Reduce the power of your signal if you have a great signal to avoid any outsiders from knowing or easily getting your network’s signal. Wi-Fi is surely a great thing to have but once one has it they totally forget the existence of it. Using your broadband one can easily have an access to your Internet and use it, be it any of your neighbor or any trespassers. Thus securing your router is necessary to avoid misuse.

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