Tumblr Username Generator That Aren’t Taken

Tumblr Usernames are what everyone’s searching for and you wonder how many of them are actually funny and have actually appealed you? Despite the very much used usernames, you want something that would carry a part of you. Generate a username that belongs to you solely. If the name generator’s username doesn’t appeal you, do not worry, we have collected some of the best names for your tumblr profile.

tumblr username generator

Tumblr allows you to find and follow things you love. A platform which makes you say:

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”

Is not life delicious? Then remember this too:

It takes courage to share your dreams to someone else.

Then what’s stopping you?

Tumblr is that platform that allows you create something extraordinary. And you really want to name it something new? Then why wait and stare, when you can learn and share?

Tumblr Username Generator:

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Hipster Tumblr Names Ideas:

Are you a Fashion Aficionado? Then find some of the cool Tumblr names that are exclusive, new and fresh. If the username did not appease you, this collection won’t disappoint you. We are sure you would find one that would take away your heart and keep your eyes glued to that same username until you pick it up and claim it as yours.

Britta nee janeHampster
Clear&KLEANVirginia's Virgin
Gandalf The GreWinnie The Pooh
New-YorkerParis TeAmo
CryTwice_laugh-Zillionsif-only-we knew
its joha Libroyoung-wild-free-29
t-toxic kisseszada2011
thegirl-with-stars for eyesbitter-sweet-thoughts-of insanity

Wait! How about a  little chit-a-chat? 

To spice it up- please bear with me:

I wrote a letter to my Mom, it went something like this:

Dear Mom,

Thanks for putting up with a spoiled ungrateful, messy and bratty child like my Sibling.


Yours Favorite Child

Yes! My Mom and I high-fived, she gave birth to a legend  after all.

Dog Teach us Loyalty but what we learn from them is POSITION!

And you want to laugh more?

Read this then: Laugh-till-you-gasp-for-breathe Names For Router

Proceed with caution! You may die while rolling on the floor with laughter.

And you know Ghosts kill you only because the want you as a pal, Do you ever think about that?

No! you only think about you and your Clever Tumblr Names!!

ideas for tumblr names

Tumblr URL Ideas:

  • Cleo de Nile
  • DarkEyedPeas
  • Wicked Artist
  • FreakishLover
  • Nail-it-Drummer
  • Draculaura
  • Night_Witch
  • Odd in fashion
  • Scream Aloud
  • Clawdeen Wolf
  • Lost in the woods
  • Alchemy
  • Weird Tangled
  • Scars I have Battled
  • Frankie Stein
  • Grim Faced
  • Cryptic Gentleman
  • Strangers Forever
  • Darts Flechette
  • Lagoona Blue
  • Gloomy Monsoon Diaries
  • Mysteriously Inexplicable
  • Uncommon Man
  • Arrows shot
  • Ghoulia Yelps
  • Shadow follower
  • Mystify Me
  • Mutant de ville
  • Dare to devils
  • Abbey Bominable
  • Darkened Skin
  • Enigmatic Being
  • Monster Howler
  • Growling Street Dancers
  • Operetta
  • Sinister Gauche
  • Eccentric lad
  • Assassin
  • Spell it bound
  • Howleen Wolf
  • Dreary Dreamer
  • Angel Clan
  • Fringe frank
  • Spike spoke
  • Scarah Screams
  • Bleak it out
  • Cherub check
  • Creepy Cann
  • neonmalu
  • monicaxgabrielle
  • livingfree8
  • crimson-pain
  • infinity-skylines
  • claudia-colombian
  • j3ss13
  • lets-run-away-to-yesterday
  • lue20012
  • wh0re-ifi3d
  • brionnanicole
  • inveterate_Learner
  • Obviating_People
  • Benign Soul
  • Soul-Fixer
  • Dilettante Author
  • In Good Faith
  • Bon Bon
  • The Technical Geek
  • Oversimplified-Garrulous
  • Fire in the Woods
  • Laconic-Woman
  • De-Maniacs
  • ManSlaughter-Blood seeker
  • Revenge-Bloodline
  • Atheistically Aesthetic
  • The Blue Panther
  • Bleed Black
  • Shaun the SHIP
  • Wanderlust
  • Traveler’s Untold Tales
  • Satyriasis-Embezzler
  • The Gluttonous Foodie
  • Faith-Incorrigible
  • Incredulous SuperWoman
  • Unanimous Tales
  • Hooked Replies
  • Sense of Sensor
  • Humor Ground
  • Stop showering
  • Molesting Music
  • It’s perfectly normal
  • Privacy Lol
  • Virtually impossible
  • Healthy perception
  • Discuss Weird Issues
  • Private Hour
  • Autumn Flavors
  • Compute in my brain
  • Mean Profiles
  • Dumb Costumes
  • Fake Faces
  • Beauty Password
  • Combinations of Souls
  • Bean burritos Blog
  • Gym gathering
  • Ashamed or embarrassed
  • This is insane
  • Experience way more
  • Promises and Memories
  • Don’t feel guilty
  • True believer hides
  • Awesome Saturday
  • I need Jinx
  • Barbie girl driving
  • Scroll down Fun
  • Sleeping late
  • Precious happy moments
  • Do they know?
  • Vampires himself
  • Name and shame
  • Hello Hi5

Watch this video for picking up some ideas about good tumblr usernames:

Amazing! is not it?

Why not give it a shot? I guarantee you would come up with a unique Tumblr username!

What? I cannot hear you! A little more chit-chat?


Okay.. Let me ask you for something:

You got to promise me a joke as I crack you up!



I went out to work and one of my colleagues had not come to work. She was the most punctual lady in  the office and to see her take a leave was a bit unusual. I went to our boss and got the documents approved and as I was about to leave, I saw a letter lying on his table. It was a leave application from her and it read something like this:

Dear Sir,

My Husband had a headache this morning and he accidentally took Viagra instead of Paracetamol.

Since our maid is home today, I could not leave for the Office.

Thank you!

You completely got me now!

So you laughed at the end and that made my day! Do not forget to share a light banter with me and comment on what are some of the cool usernames that have enticed you and also the Tumblr names that aren’t taken by anyone but you! Do Share! God Bless!

Billy Horal

Best Funny WiFi Names is a child created by mistake by Billy Horal. He always regretted having given birth to this child but being a parent all he could do is nurture him till the child grew up to make his dad proud. Billy Horal is a proud parent of bestfunnywifinames.com and 6 other blogs (3 son blogs and 4 daughter blogs). Billy is a single parent who graduated recently and is a full time Digital Marketer. Be like BILLY!

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